How to Perfect Instagram Themes

I used to never really care how my Instagram looked, it is just for posting photos after all isn’t it? Wrong.

Today, there are even professional ‘instagrammers’ who perfect their pages and photos. I’m not going to lie, it does look pretty good when photos are organized but isn’t it a lot of work?

So what’s a theme? It’s basically just how your photos look when you’re looking on your profile. It’s visually pleasing. So, I’m going to go through some themes and tips to help you get into this trend as well!

I began trying this when it first started, however, it was a lot more work than you would think. It’s tough trying to find photos that go together well instead of just posting whatever you want.


So first, you’ll need to choose apps to edit your photos with. To have a theme, pictures are usually edited so they all match.

Some free apps that I would recommend are:





Don’t be shy when taking photos. You never know what will look good on your feed! The photos can literally be of anything too; street art, selfies, flowers, coffee etc.

When editing, using VSCO Cam as a template can help to see what the photos would actually look like on your ig page.

When posting photos, I also wouldn’t recommend posting a bunch of selfies in a row because it can cause your feed to look cluttered and messy.


So now that you have some apps downloaded and you have some photos ready, you’ll need to think about what kind of theme you’d like to do. Try something that fits your personality! Themes can be fun if you want them to be! Here are some examples for you to get an idea.






you don’t have to go all out like these.. or you can! It really does not matter because it’s your account.


Just keep in mind, one wrong photo could ruin your whole theme! Take the time to edit and perfect your photos.

Also, remember that your instagram account is your own, and you can do whatever you want to it!


8 Cleaning Tips if You’re Lazy

I really hate cleaning. And if you say you like it, you’re probably lying. I find it a waste of time and pointless when it’ll just get dirt again. Even though I absolutely despise cleaning, I also really dislike living in a messy house. So with that being said, here are some tips for you (if you’re completely lazy like me) to keep your house clean with little effort!

1. Be organized
I never really thought this to be a tip until I tried it myself. Keeping things clean is so much easier when everything has a place. I’m guilty to say, I’ve shoved random things into the back of my closet just to get rid of it. And if it doesn’t have a place… (leads to my next tip) it’s probably not important.

2. Toss things you don’t need
Hoarding is the worst. Even if your house isn’t “dirty”, it still looks like a mess if you hoard things you really do not need. Like those pair of skinny jeans from high school that you want to try and fit into again? Toss em’. Items like that will just take up any unnecessary space.

3. Tidy up after yourself
I figured this one out the hard way. For a long time, I’d leave a mess and tell myself that I would clean it up later. Later never came sometimes and the mess kept growing. So if you are trying on a bunch of clothing (tossing them out of the closet), hang them back up when you’re done! This is so much easier and less stressful than leaving a pile on your bed, waiting for you when you get home.

4. Make things presentable
This tip is incredibly easy and requires little to no effort but makes things look more tidy! You can do this by making your bed every morning or straightening the couch cushions after you get up. When things look presentable, it makes you look lazy.. which is what we’re trying to do, right?

5. Multitasking 
Multitasking helps get things done more quickly so you can get back to that Netflix series you’ve been watching. (My current favorite is shameless). While the laundry is in the washing machine, make the beds. Or while the dinner is cooking, wash the dishes. Simple as that.

6. Break it down
I’ve noticed this works for a lot of people! You don’t have to do everything right away. But instead, start with a few things and maybe take a ten minute break to check your phone, then continue tidying up. Even though this might not get things done more quickly, it’s easier for some to take small breaks, almost like a reward.

7. Keep up with quick chores
If you don’t have a dishwasher and you have to wash them by hand.. I know, it sucks.. try to keep up with them! It’s always the worst having to clean a sink full of dishes from last nights meal. I recommend rinsing them off once you’re done eating so it makes them easier to keep clean!

8. Have fun with it!
This might be hard to believe but sometimes it can be fun! Put on some music, sing along while you dust. Having fun with it also makes time go by more quickly. Cleaning isn’t always the greatest thing, but living in a tidy house is.